Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How can you support us?

More than half year we're comming to your screens with hudge amount of new fresh electronic music. All for free, for your satisfaction. If you want to appreciate our work - here is couple of ways to do that:

1) Link to us
Do you have webpage? Do you have friends interested in electronic music? Tell everyone that you have good source of electronic music. They will come here and thank you for the recomandation.

2) Join us
Are you interested in electronic music little bit more than just listener? Do u like linking? Join us.

3) Share links with us
Have you heard something cool, something what you're recommanding to your friends? Let's recommend it to ten of thousands people a week. Just write that link into comment to any post on this blog and we will post it in next update

No matter which support option you will choose, but remember - support is a motivation.

Thank you for your contribution!

stay tuned, enjoy free music

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Welcome on Linkset!

This blog is dedicated to electronic music revolution which is nowadays pumping everywhere around the world. People interested in electronic music (no matter which exact style) can find here much more music than can ever listen. Your option is to browse through this huge gallery and choose right music for you and download it immediately as well.

Don't expect music reviews here, we're only mp3source oriented. We won't tell you what is good and what is wrong. It's your choice!

Tell your friends that we're here and we will be here for you and your friends!


How to enjoy this site?

1) Visit this page regulary
If you want to have latest news from this page, come on and check it every day. Mostly everyday is here new update with new links.

2) Search through this blog
On upper righthand corner you can see search form which allows you to find what you want on this blog (and also on whole internet). If you're looking for specific DJ or specific radioshow - type that in and poof - you'll get it.

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5) Contribute
Send us link to your DJ set and we will promote it as well as any other mixez. Also if you have links to any music that you want to share with other people around the world - send it to us, we will update it in next few days.